SafetyNET Trading Company - a safer way to trade the stock market.

Who is Jeff Cohen?

Jeffrey M. Cohen, creator of the SafetyNET Trading Systemô, is a stock market strategist, an author, a business executive.... and he knows probabilities.  

He spent the early part of his professional career as head of a Las Vegas resort group.  He learned a lot about how the gaming industry is structured to virtually guarantee their profitability.

He later became president of a life insurance company. Once again, he was involved in an industry that was structured to virtually guarantee their profitability.

What do gambling and insurance have in common? 

Probabilities!  Both businesses are based on the laws of probabilities and use them to their advantage.  Itís no coincidence that both, casinos and insurance companies almost never lose money.  

Now Jeff has applied the laws of probabilities to the stock market in a way that is unique and incredibly effective. Let the man who ran companies that manage risk show you how to manage risk in your investment portfolio.

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