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What do we mean by
"Reduce the Risks?"

The SafetyNET Trading System™ is a stock market investment strategy that was designed to dramatically reduce the risks associated with the stock market.  That is not meant to imply that this strategy is risk-free. Any investment strategy will incur a certain degree of investment risk. People can lose money using this investment strategy, just as they can lose money by purchasing stocks outright. 

Our assertion is that, on every single trade you make, given the identical circumstances, it is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for you to lose as much money using our trading strategy as you would had you purchased outright the same amount of the same stock at the very same time. That's not an opinion, it's a FACT!

Let's consider an example. Two investors take a position in the same stock at the same time, and they both commit to the exact same number of shares. Investor "A" purchases the stock outright while investor "B" uses the SafetyNET Trading Strategy™ to take his or her position. After placing the trade, that stock plummets by 50%. Ninety days later, the stock still has not recovered and both investors decide to liquidate their positions at the same time. 

Under that scenario, we GUARANTEE* that investor "B" (using our strategy) would lose LESS money than investor "A" (who bought the stock outright).  In fact, Jeff Cohen, the investment strategist who created the SafetyNET Trading System, recently put his money where his mouth is and announced a 1-million dollar challenge to prove to nay sayers the absolute validity of his less-risk assertion. 

Learn more about Jeff's challenge here.

If you are already a stock market investor, or are considering investing in the stock market, and you either buy stocks outright already, or plan to buy stocks in the near future, using the SafetyNET Trading System™ is a less risky strategy FOR YOU. However, investing in low-risk government bonds, bank-guaranteed CD's or similar low-risk investments is generally considered less risky than ANY stock market investment, including one made using our strategy.

*After you learn exactly how the SafetyNET Trading System™ works, we will invite you to read the details on Jeffrey M. Cohen's "Million Dollar Challenge", where Jeff puts his money where his mouth is, daring critics to match his million dollar bet and try to disprove his "lower risk" claim.

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