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There are five things that can happen if you buy a stock. It can go way up, it could go up a little, it could stay relatively flat, it could go down a little or it could go down a lot.

If you buy stocks the probability of success is exactly even. If the stock goes up a lot, you値l make a lot. If it goes up a little, you値l make a little. If it stays flat, you値l breakeven. If it goes down a little, you値l lose a little. And if it goes down a lot, you値l lose a lot. No probability advantage.

With the SafetyNET Trading System, everything changes. You値l make double-digit gains if the stocks you choose - go up a lot or a little or stay flat or even if they go down a little. And if they go down a lot you値l either breakeven or lose less than if you had bought the same stock.

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