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If you want the job done right..... you've got to use the right tools!


The only way to choose the best investment opportunity at any particular time is by comparison. This is true regardless of what investment strategy you deploy. In order to determine the best stock position, you should analyze and compare the available fundamental and technical data before making an investment decision.

There are two problems with that requirement. First, assembling and analyzing all that data can be a very time consuming task. And second, the market changes so fast that by the time you have gathered and analyzed the data from just ten stocks, no less hundreds, the numbers for the first would have changed.

We have solved both problems with our unique, patent pending SafetyNET POWERtools software. The program automatically assembles, analyzes, and "scores" data on any universe of stocks in seconds. It then sorts the result by "score" so you can easily see which opportunities are best at any particular time, based on the data available and on your customized scoring weights.

The program is incredibly easy to use and has a full tutorial and context sensitive help for every task. Even neophyte investors will be up and running in no time. 

Take a brief TOUR of the SafetyNET POWERtools software


   Get started in 4 simple steps
1. Download a copy of the software license application by right-clicking HERE and selecting "SAVE TARGET AS" (or "SAVE LINK AS") from the menu. Save the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file to your desktop, or to another location where it will be easy to find. 
2. Open the Adobe Acrobat file by double-clicking it on the desktop. Then print it by clicking "FILE>PRINT" from the main menu.
3. Complete the Enrollment Application and mail it to the address specified on the form. (NOTE: You must mail in all 4 pages of the application)
4.When the SafetyNET POWERtools CD ROM arrives, insert it into your computer's CD ROM tray. It will install itself and then it will offer to teach you how to use the powerful tools it has just installed.

For assistance in downloading the software license application, or for answers to your questions, call us at 1-800-760-0829.