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History Proves Our Point

On November 7th, 2000, election day, many market pundits were suggesting that the NASDAQ was ready for a big fall rally. It was already down over 40% from its high. Economic numbers suggested that the fed would begin easing rates and history had shown that there was usually a significant rally right after presidential elections. The following chart shows what would have happened If you had loaded up on popular, beaten up, tech stocks on November 7th.  

Symbol Stock Price Nov 7 No. of Shares Stock Price Dec 4 Gain or Loss
MSFT $ 69.00 1,500 $ 56.00 ($ 19,500)
ORCL 28.00 4,000 26.25 (7,000)
CSCO 55.25 2,000 46.25 (18,000)
JDSU 77.50 1,400 59.00 (25,900)
EMC 94.37 1,100 79.75 (16,082)
ALTR 33.12 3,300 27.94 (17,094)
MOT 24.50 4,500 18.37 (27,585)
TXN 47.12 2,100 40.37 (14,175)
PALM 61.00 1,900 44.50 (31,350)
NSM 24.00 4,500 19.75 (19,125)
Totals   (195,811)

By December 4th you would have lost a lot of money. The market was already beaten up when you placed these positions yet, based on this example, you still would have LOST $195,811 in less than a month!

However, if you had used the SafetyNET Trading System instead, and had placed the same number of bullish positions on the EXACT SAME COMPANIES at the EXACT SAME would NOT have lost a penny! In fact, you would have actually MADE a small PROFIT of $3,523 instead!

Sound impossible? Wait... it gets better.  What if the market had gone up that month? Then you would have earned an annualized profit of over 30% that month... even if the market had gone up only 1%.  Want PROOF? We've got the proof!

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