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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Have you back-tested your strategy? 
Yes, we have. Of course, most back-testing is performed to see if it helps you pick the right stocks at the right time. Our strategy is not designed to help you pick stocks, but rather to trade in such a way so that, when you pick the wrong stocks at the wrong time, you lose less . Based on that objective we have found that in 100% of the cases tested over the past 30 years, you will lose less using our approach than if you had just bought the stock outright. 

Q. Does it take a lot of time to implement your system? 
Any investment strategy takes a lot of time to implement properly if you do it manually. Fortunately, we have created a patent pending computer program that automates the system so you can spend less than 30 minutes a day, on average, implementing and monitoring your portfolio. 

Q. Can I have my current stockbroker use the system on my behalf? 
Absolutely, once your stockbroker learns the system he can manage your portfolio using the principles of the SafetyNET Trading System. 

Q. If your system reduces risk, doesnít it also have to reduce the upside potential, as well? 
Yes, it does. With the
SafetyNET Trading System you will make less money in a very robust market. That is the price you pay to reduce the risk, however, you should be able to make from 12-18% a year even in flat markets so long as you donít choose stocks that severely under perform the general market. And even more importantly, you should significantly limit your losses during major market corrections. 

Q. Is your system too complicated for novice investors? 
A lot of investment training companies inundate students with an amazing amount of strategies. As a result, most leave the training more confused than when they came. We believe in teaching one strategy, the one we consider the best, and making our students specialists in that. By keeping to a limited subject, almost everyone will leave our workshops totally prepared to implement the SafetyNET Trading System.

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