SafetyNET Trading Company - a safer way to trade the stock market.

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ISBN: 0-9714432-1-1
Publisher: Braxton Press
Publish Date: 04/30/02
Pages: 191 Paperback


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Can a Book Really Change Your Life?

"This book was written especially for those who always seem to time the market WRONG! "

Does it seem like every time you take a position in a stock, it goes down? You listen to an analyst on CNBC give all the reasons the stock should take off. You read a raving review about the company in an internet newsletter. Everything looks right and you take the plunge. But as soon as your order is placed, the stock goes down. This book was written for you.

Can Anyone Really Predict the Market?
The truth is, no one really knows for sure when a stock is going to go up or down. This book shows you how to profit, even if the stocks you think are headed up, go down instead.
If you faithfully follow this strategy, you can earn as much as double-digit profits, regardless of what the market does each year, even if the stocks you pick consistently go down by as much as 10%! In addition, if the stock market crashes and your stocks go down a lot more than 10%, you are also covered against a loss. Thatís the NET in SafetyNET Trading!.

Less Risk Than Owning Stock
The book does not imply that the strategy is completely RISK-FREE.  Nothing is. But, without question, even in the worst possible scenario, investors who use this trading strategy can't lose as much money as they would if they had simply bought outright the same stocks at the same time and the same number of shares. 

So what is this does it work? If we're not buying stocks, what ARE we doing?  

It would be easier to start by telling you what the strategy is not.

What the Strategy Is Not
It's NOT short-selling.  
It's NOT Dollar-Cost-Averaging. 
It's NOT Momentum Trading, and
It's NOT Day Trading. 

The strategy does not try to "predict" what the market will do. It does not try to pick the next "big movers." 

And to use this strategy, you don't have to quit your day-job to watch the market all day. You don't have to be a market analyst or high-tech genius. You don't have to read 25 newsletters a month, or listen to stock news all day, or subscribe to the "psychic hotline!"   

You just read the book. The rest is common sense. Order now, before you forget.